Sunday, October 21, 2012

She Runs Paleo . . . with Friends

The Cupcake Classic Crew
One of the most wonderful things about running is the friends I've made through it.  I am constantly motivated by their successes and struggles and I am proud to have inspired some to take up running.  Today I took part in the CUPCAKE CLASSIC 5k.  This was a virtual race put on by Run with Jess, where you simply had to run a 5k (3.1 miles) anywhere, anytime during the allotted time frame.  I run a similar monthly race for my Facebook 5kers group, which you are free to join in.  I offer prizes like Jess, but at a MUCH smaller level.  

Paleo cupcakes!!!

My dear friend Amanda organized our little local Cupcake Classic and we convinced her that we needed to have a potluck post-run feast.  Amanda is an AMAZING baker, and promised to make me paleo cupcakes.  I held my breath, hoping for the best but not knowing what to expect from a paleo dessert.  (I know, I'm on day 73 of the Paleo Diet and hadn't tried to replicate desserts???  What can I say, I'm not a sweets person)

Race day greeted us with RAIN.  I live in San Diego, rain doesn't happen.  Except on days that I promise my children that if they run 3.1 miles with Mommy they'll earn themselves both a shiny medal AND a plate of Miss Amanda's cupcakes.  I'm happy to say that my kids take after their mommy and the rain didn't bother them one bit. 

Amanda had plotted out a 5k course for us from her house to beautiful Mission Bay.  It was a quick run, and everyone did SO well!  We had 16 people show up to run with us, making it feel like a REAL race event.  

The post-race feast was great.  Amanda never does anything on a small scale and had made 5 different kinds of cupcakes, including MY paleo cupcakes.  I also made sure to bring protein in the form of Bacon-Egg Cups and I also brought apples from the Apple Picking trip my kids and I went on.  It's easy to stay paleo when you have thoughtful friends.  

I'm sharing the recipes from the party below.  I certainly hope all runners have a group of runner friends that will laugh with you when you tell them tales from race day and give you advice when you struggle.  I'd be nothing if it weren't for the support from these wonderful people.  

Today's Paleo Goodies can be found here:

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