Sunday, October 7, 2012

Faster then Lightning . . . I wish

Video rights belong to DJ Steve Porter

Usain Bolt may not run more than 200 m for his medals, but all runners share his drive to be faster.  Runner's World Magazine had a great article on "Finish Strong: Ending workouts and races faster than you start them for a physical and mental boost".  The article coaches runners to try for a negative split in their workouts and races.  Negative Splits are where you end your race at a faster pace than you started.  You start at a slow pace and gradually over the miles build up to a faster pace.  This is such great advice!  Nothing makes you feel better than crossing the finish line sooner than you expected.  My personal advice to make this easier: create your running playlist for your ipod/mp3 player with songs that increase in beats per minute (bpm).  Start with songs that you can easily jog too, then continue to add songs that make your stride faster.  If you just stick to the beat and maintain good form while running, you'll be on your way to negative splits and new Personal Records!  I recommend using a bpm analyzer like Mixmeister BPM Analyzer to find the bpm of your favorite running songs.  Then you can rearrange them to fit the needs of your race plan.

Just as a side note: I'm running the San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon the same day this post goes live.  My race playlist starts with the song in the video above.  PUMP PUMP GET LOUD and wish me luck!  

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