Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Massage for Runners

I promised I'd come back and give you my opinion of massage for runners after I got my first one.  I was fortunate to have received a complimentary 1 hour massage from San Diego Spine and Rehab from a 5k I had done earlier in the year.  After running 10 miles of hills on Sunday, I figured what better time to get a massage than when I could hardly walk due to tight hip flexors.

San Diego Spine and Rehab is NOT a "Spa".  You don't walk in to an elegantly decorated foyer with piano music tinkling in the background.  It's a medical treatment facility, where they provide rehab and theraputic treatments.  Being a runner doesn't mean that I forgo girlie stuff, but my inner runner was glad that this seemed like a place where they'd KNOW how to treat my muscles.

After an initial interview with a licensed physician (who tried to sell me on getting chiropractic exams and treatments) I was taken back for my massage.  It was definitely a painful experience.  After a few questions about my activity level and where I exprience pain she started up at my neck and shoulders.  From there she moved down to my glutes and legs.  The massage therapist informed me that my Ilotibial Bands (IT bands) were tight and she proved it as she manipulated my muscles.  I didn't even I had any overly tight muscles until she proved otherwise.

I didn't run today because I had run the three previous days in a row.  But I do think that I'd be much more sore and gimpy from my 10-mile run had I not gone to get a massage.  Despite the pain and the soreness from the areas she worked extra hard, I've already booked my second appointment for the day after the Silver Stand Half Marathon.  Hopefully, these treatments will help my overall recover and in the end, help me PR in at least one of my races this season.

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  1. You certainly went to the right place for a massage! Knowing what your problem is and what you would need is a sign that they certainly offer quality service to their clients. And hearing that you booked for a massage again just means that you can be considered as one of the people who believe in their work. Anyway, how’s your IT band now? Is the massage working wonders?

    @Gregg Mulherin