Friday, November 9, 2012

Countdown to Silver Strand Half Marathon: 2 days left

I apologize for being so quiet.  It's taper week, which means if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.  Not being able to run off daily stress and frustration means that I am a grumpy mess, but at least my glycogen stores are building!

Two exciting things happened today!  The first was that I started my carbo loading!  I actually carbo load started TWO days before a race (and I load up on iron to help my muscles utilize oxygen).  If my race is on a Sunday (like the Silver Strand half is), I start with dinner on Friday night.  I like to have red meat and lots of high carb veggies.  Tonight's meal was Paleo Chili and Sweet potatoes.
The next morning (Saturday morning) I will have a high carb breakfast.  I'm planning to have Pumpkin pancakes, a new recipe that I'm HOPING is good enough to share with you!  The rest of saturday is spent eating Clean and Paleo.  Only white meat (chicken mostly), LOTS of high fiber veggies (to help with race morning elimination) and low calorie.

I don't agree with the idea of carbo loading the NIGHT before a race.  Often times this causes constipation and may make you feel bloated and heavy.  Who wants that on RACE morning??  By carbo loading in advance, my body has time to process AND STORE the glycogen and iron it will need for my race.

 I haven't forgotten about the SECOND exciting thing for today!  It was PACKET PICK UP day at Road Runner Sports!  I'll be running with bib number #2514!  I will be tracking my race with Runkeeper Elite, so feel free check my Twitter feed on Sunday to see how I do.

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