Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week 1 Update - Success!

As you can see from the pic I've had more success than I sought after this week.  My original weight loss goal for each week is 1.5 pounds.  That would get me to my racing weight in the 9 weeks that I had until the America's Finest City Half Marathon.  I'm working on the theory that my racing times have been directly affected by the extra weight I'm carrying around.

This week was both harder and easier than I thought it would be, as every time that you get back on the wagon is.  I already had all the knowledge about paleo so I wasn't making any rookie mistakes.  But there were a few days in which I gave in to temptation.  There was a bag of chips.  And a piece of french bread.  My body knows where those precious carbs are and when you try to switch from 50% of your calories from carbs to fat, your body doesn't necessarily get the message right away.

I read an article where endurance athletes are finding success on the paleo diet.  They are regularly eating almost 60% of the diet in healthy fats like olive oil and avocado.  I admire them, but they also have a trainer/nutritionist telling them what to eat.  If only the rest of us had that tool in our toolbox.  We only have our determination and motivation.

Only 8 more weeks until the AFC, and potentially a Personal Record for a San Diego race.

Things that helped me stay paleo this week:

  • Go Raw Organic Sunflower Flax Snax - These little crackers were the perfect movie theater snack when my kids and hubby wanted to go see a movie
  • EPIC bar - The Bison Bar is my favorite and it's almost a perfect meal replacement when you're on the go
  • Breakfast Hash - What do you do when you run out of bacon AND avocados and need to make breakfast?  You grab all the veggies out of your fridge, a meat (ground turkey is my fav) and eggs and make breakfast hash!
  • WATER - This can't be stressed enough.  You need to drink about 75 ounces of water a day.  It keeps you hydrated, it helps flush toxins, it makes your skin beautiful, and it keeps you from feeling hungry.
  • Quinoa - I know . . . it's not strict paleo.  But its not a grain and its not a pasta, but dang does it taste good.  The high protein of this sprouted seed justifies the "not-so-paleo" I feel.  And I can eat it when my family is having rice or pasta and I don't feel like I'm sacrificing or depriving myself.  

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