Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back in the Saddle

If anyone has noticed that I haven't been posting very much its for two reasons.  The first is that I've been busy.  I've been a half marathon running fool, having run 5 half marathons already this year.  Two of them were two weeks apart.  I really don't want to do that anymore.  The recovery is rough.  I also "went back to school" to get a degree in PR & Marketing from Ashford University.  Also, as of May I now work for the racing group that I am an Ambassador for.  I'm the new Event Volunteer Coordinator for Wiz Marketing, Inc and I have the joy of helping to organize 5k/10k/half marathons in the SoCal area.  It's been an amazing 6 months.  My second reason for not posting (at all!) is that my Paleo has been just awful.  I am stick cooking paleo-style.  No processed oils, no legumes, and lots of whole foods.  I gave in to the temptation of grains though.  As a runner, those easy carbs are so very tempting.

I am going to attempt to show that YOU CAN GET BACK ON THE WAGON after falling very hard.  For the next 9 weeks I plan to focus on my Paleo to get back to my PR weight.  The last time I earned a Personal Record I weighed 171 pounds.  That's still considered "heavy" for my height, but I look and feel great at it.  Besides, I'm pretty sure my leg muscles consist half of that weight.  So that's about 14 pounds in 9 weeks.  Or about 1.5 pounds a week.  I can do this.  And posting here is going to keep me accountable.

Yesterday was Day 1.  And I already have optimistic results . . . . but we all know its just water weight as my fat cells dehydrate.
1.5 pounds lost after Day 1

Oh, and as you can see I got a Withings scale after my old digital scale bit the dust.  It's an amazing tool for motivation when you link it to your iphone.  It also links to my Runkeeper to track my activity and can link to many many other apps and devices.  I totally recommend a Withings scale to anyone who is interested in tracking their progress. 

If you've fallen off the Paleo wagon and managed to get back on, I would LOVE to hear about it.  I'd also love to hear the REASONS that you feel off in the first place.  The key to success is knowing what to avoid and how to stay on track.

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