Monday, May 26, 2014

I run 7+ miles and win a contest! I love running!

Some runners win races.  A friend of mine, Abigail, is known to regularly place in her age group.  I will probably NEVER see the podium under my own New Balances.  However, I DO know how to find FREE races, and that's almost as good.  I came back from my 7+ miler this morning to an email from my amazing hubby that said that I had won the ZOOMA Race + Relax contest on their facebook page.

Such great news after a great run!!  I'll update more about this contest win once the Community Manager replies to my elated email.

My run this morning was one of those fantastic ones that make me glad I'm a runner.  A beautiful morning, and I felt ready to run this morning.  I planned to start off from our neighborhood, run down the rural highway, and into the a series of trails in the neighborhood behind us.  The plan worked out perfectly and I realized as I was going that I should take more pictures.  Maybe because it is Memorial Day, my mind drifted to the fact that eventually I wouldn't be here anymore, or at least be unable to run these same places.  I also thought about my momma (who is thankfully still with us and also a crazy runner) and how she probably didn't know that I regularly run in areas that she would love.  My momma loves a good dirty trail.  I prefer road races.  Along the run, you could tell it was spring.  Everything was green, and there were a ton of animals.  Snails, hummingbirds, bunnies and unfortunately a dead butterfly.  But they all served to fuel my love of running and to keep me going even when my legs were tired.  And they reminded me that I don't run to be fast, but because I love how I feel.  I love that wrung out feeling when you've trained hard.  I love the friends I've made and the places it's taken me.   I'm not fast, but I love it as much as anyone else does!  

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  1. This makes me feel good. I don't regularly place, I'm definitely still in the beginning, and can/will get better. <3